Wet Test Track

Wet Test Track

Wet Test Track

Wet Test Track

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138,381 ft2 Total Asphalt
4 Total Test Surfaces
500 ft Test Surface Dimensions

SunTrax advanced Wet Test Track is equipped with multiple surface types that run adjacent to dedicated water lines to simulate a variety of wet and dry scenarios at altering speeds.

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Varying road surfaces and weather conditions greatly impact how a vehicle interacts with its driver and surroundings. The Wet Test Track delivers four distinct surface types to test maneuverability in unpredictable weather. Each surface has an irrigated lane to replicate the effects of wet weather on vehicle performance and all are ideal for ABS development and testing, wet braking, stopping distancing, and tire evaluation. The two tile pavement tracks are 500 ft (152.40 m) long by 13.60 ft (4.15 m) wide while the steel plate and asphalt concrete tracks are both 500 ft (152.40 m) long by 15 ft (4.55 m) wide.

Safety First

Designed, manufactured, and installed to FDOT Design Standards, the Wet Test Track employs steel, double-high W-Beam guardrails to increase driver and observer safety throughout sector usage. Guardrails extend beyond the testing sector so as not to introduce risks associated with guardrail end treatments.

Four Distinct Surface Types

Low-Friction Tile Pavement

Made of ceramic tiles that have a very low coefficient of friction, ideal for testing ABS braking systems.

Basalt Tile Pavement

Low-medium coefficient of friction, making it ideal for tire evaluation, successfully used since 1979.

Steel Plate Surface Pavement

Create varying surface elevations which can become extremely slick when wet, producing extreme testing conditions.

Low-Friction Asphalt Concrete

Certified to UN ECE R 117 Asphalt Concrete, widely used in the construction of roads, highways, and parking lots.

Supported Vehicle Classes

The following AASHTO classifications for this sector are based on turning radii and other geometric constraints.

Class P

Vehicle Length: 19 ft 5.8 m

Class SU-30

Vehicle Length: 30 ft 9.1 m

Class SU-40

Vehicle Length: 39.5 ft 12 m

Class BUS-40

Vehicle Length: 40.5 ft 12.1 m

Class WB-40

Vehicle Length: 45.5 ft 13.8 m

Don’t See Your Vehicle Class?

Speak to a SunTrax representative if you have vehicle requirements that differ from the class listing above.

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