Arrival and Conference Building

Arrival and Conference Building

Arrival and Conference Building

Arrival and Conference Building

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21,534 ft2 Indoor Space
300 Event Capacity
32 ft Event Ceiling
The Arrival and Conference (AC) Building serves as the official welcome center for SunTrax with an environment that is unmatched.

Exceptional Styling

Iconic architecture blends both the functional and utilitarian facets of this performance-oriented complex. The sleek metal exterior mimics the curves of a vehicle while the unique bi-exposure interior reveals wood grains, reminiscent of fine automobile finishes. The curving hallways are reminicent of a racetrack where limits are continually pushed as the customizable nature of the space and smart building features remind us that technology is continually evolving. For security purposes, all guests and visitors are required to check in at the AC Building, as only authorized personnel are allowed here and throughout the facility’s surrounding sectors.

This Arrival and Conference Building offers an impressive 21,534 ft2 (2,000 m2) of temperature-controlled space, that may be divided into various configurations to support events, exhibits, classes, and conferences. This facility features smart building technologies, leading-edge photo-voltaic technologies, shading tensile structures, and substantial glazing to deliver a truly unique collaboration environment ideal for highlighting advances in vehicle technology.

Built to Adapt

Large open room of the Interior adaptable event and exhibition space

The flexible meeting and exhibition spaces are arranged to allow maximum combinations of sizing and space configurations. Designed to accommodate vehicle exhibitions, the indoor event space has 18 ft (5.45 m) garage doors that open to the covered outdoor courtyard.

Classrooms and Workshops

For concentrated workshops, speaking engagements, and conferences, the Arrival and Conference Building is outfitted with two, 600 ft2 (182 m2) classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with a standard network, telephone, and Wi-Fi connections.

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SunTrax is a large-scale, innovative facility developed by Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (part of the Florida Department of Transportation), dedicated to the research, development, and testing of emerging transportation technologies in safe and controlled environments.