Geometry Track

Geometry Track

Geometry Track

Geometry Track

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20 ft Maximum Height
28.91% Maximum Upgrade
28.91% Maximum Downgrade

The Geometry Track challenges predictive programming with its steep, complex angles. The track also includes both stop and through intersections involving both horizontal and vertical blind spots, designed to replicate real-world environments and pose unique testing conditions for emerging technologies.

Complex Course Configuration

The Geometry Track features a series of tight, two-lane/two-way streets for testing low-speed traffic. This sophisticated platform delivers unparalleled conditions to test and develop innovative transportation solutions in today’s highly progressive market. Tight course conditions test the subtleties and nuances associated with handling, guidance, skid resistance, and vertical maneuverability. Located in the west-central portion of the facility, the undulating topography with complex curves and irregular grade changes provides a distinct environment to test critical function, limited-sight conditions in connected and autonomous vehicles.

Unique Blind-Spot Scenarios

Horizontal and vertical curves pose unique challenges by creating blind spots, unlike straight, level roads that have clear sight lines.


Natural vertical curve conditions, such as the crest of a hill or the sag within a valley, can change the slope of a road, obstructing the safe stopping sight distance.


Horizontal curves are typically designed to minimize blind spots, however, natural obstructions such as a hill or valley can impact a driver's safe stopping sight distance.

Supported Vehicle Classes

The following AASHTO classifications for this sector are based on turning radii and other geometric constraints.

Class P

Vehicle Length: 19 ft 5.8 m

Class SU-30*

Vehicle Length: 30 ft 9.1 m

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Speak to a SunTrax representative if you have vehicle requirements that differ from the class listing above.

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*The required clearance is a combination of wheelbase and vehicle overhangs front and back.

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