Observation Tower and Support

Observation Tower and Support

Observation Tower and Support

Observation Tower and Support

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75 ft Tower Height
60 ft Observation Deck Height
50 ft Mezzanine Height
The Observation Tower provides elevated 360-degree observation of the track and infield testing activities.

Unobstructed Views

The SunTrax Observation Tower exemplifies Florida’s modern Miami architecture and showcases a horizontal fin with a curved glass façade. Standing 75 ft (23 m) tall, the height was selected to broaden sightlines for both testing and security purposes. Providing two levels of observation, personnel have secure access to both a climate-controlled interior space and an exterior level for maximized site observation. The secured first-floor lobby includes modern restrooms and an oversized elevator for transport ease of staff and equipment. The building was designed to meet Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) certification requirements for an energy-efficient sustainable structure.

Security and Access Control Infrastructure

White metal Guard House building

The pedestrian and vehicular access framework is managed by a centralized, automated system that is programmed by sector location and client access type.

Barrier arm gates provide sector controls for vehicle access, and the facility security system utilizes electronically controlled automatic door locks and vehicular barriers.

In addition, secure access cards control entry to authorized areas granted during the duration of testing operations.

Advanced ITS and Communications Infrastructure

Technician monitors Scada equipment

SunTrax has made a significant investment in an advanced ITS and communication infrastructure campus wide. This framework includes a redundant conduit and fiber optic cable communication network that provides 100% CCTV coverage throughout the facility.

CCTV cameras have been mounted on concrete poles with adjoining cabinets for easy fiber and electrical power access should the need for additional equipment be required, providing SunTrax with the ability to segregate streams to clients as needed.

Sector Support

White Sector Support building with a roof overhang for shade and rain cover. A black car and a white truck are featured in the picture

Sector Support Structures

Eight support structures have been erected to provide a place for recharge and respite. Designed as temporary shelters for specific track users, each structure is 900 ft2 (83.60 m2), equipped with power, water, and high-speed data connections, providing shade and rain cover for two passenger vehicles. The buildings also offer 216 ft2 (20 m2) of air-conditioned office or meeting space, complete with a restroom.

A BTCPower Charging Station

Fueling and Charging

The SunTrax Fueling Canopy is a conveniently located, pre-engineered metal building encompassing 1,800 ft2 (167.20 m2) of space, open on all four sides with a clearance of 16 ft (4.85 m), allowing fuel trucks to temporarily park under the canopy to service vehicles as needed. Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations are conveniently located throughout the facility and available for use.

A gray car parked at the on-site car wash structure.

Onsite Car Wash

The custom SunTrax car wash facility consists of a pre-engineered building encompassing 1,176 ft2 (358 m2), under a covered cantilevered metal roof. Divided into two bays by a 6 ft (2 m) high masonry wall, this structure has a 14 ft (4.25 m) high clearance for oversized vehicles. This structure is conveniently located between the campus buildings, and test sectors—and is adjacent to the SunTrax Fueling Canopy.

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SunTrax is a large-scale, innovative facility developed by Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (part of the Florida Department of Transportation), dedicated to the research, development, and testing of emerging transportation technologies in safe and controlled environments.