Oval Track

Oval Track

Oval Track

Oval Track

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2.25 mi Total Distance
1 mi 5-Lane Straightaways
4 free-flow Toll Gantries

Accelerate your project year-round on the SunTrax 2.25-mile (3.62 km) Oval Track at speeds of up to 70 mph (112.7 km/h).

Ideal Testing Conditions

The SunTrax Oval Track encircles the facility sectors allowing for maximized testing visibility while minimizing vehicle power outputs. With multiple toll gantries, fiber optic connections, climate-controlled in-sector office spaces, and open staging zones, exploring the limits of your testing has never been more reliable and efficient. This secured track was designed to replicate limited-access highway conditions.

Additionally, its bidirectional lanes may be used for connected and automated vehicle-related testing scenarios at highway-speed conditions within a safe and controlled environment. The Oval Track’s cross slope reaches a maximum of 10% on both the northern and southern ends to support vehicle speeds up to 70 mph (112 km/h). The four corners of the track feature large cul-de-sacs to allow for in-field problem-solving and efficient changes in equipment and testing parameters. The east and west straightaways offer vehicles five 12 ft (3.65 m) lanes that pass under four distinct toll gantries as well as two separate access roads that assure a protected user environment and access to multiple technology housing facilities.

A 12 ft (3.65 m) by 24 ft (7.30 m) climate-controlled, concrete-constructed toll building is located at each toll gantry site and may house up to five standard equipment technology racks. An attached climate-controlled office space allows for convenient drive-up access and network connectivity, making configuration changes fast and efficient. In addition to secured access, your team will experience 100% fiber optic network connectivity and clean-power building certification to ensure testing is fast, accurate, and reliable.

Highway-Speed Multi-Lane Testing​

Image of five white vehicles driving under one of the four toll gantries

The Oval Track features four bidirectional lanes that can support multiple vehicle types and speeds of up to 70 mph (112 km/h). The four independent toll gantries provide interoperability testing with multi-protocol readers and transponders.

Staging Areas

Trucks parked in the large cul-de-sac staging area

The four corners of the track feature large cul-de-sacs which provide ample space to stage test and ancillary vehicles, adjust programming parameters, and space to reset vehicles to maximize time in the field.


Providing Unfettered Testing Versatility

J-Arm Brackets

Engineered with strength and durability, the functional and multi-directional design accommodates vendor equipment layouts and configurations*.

Toll System Equipment

Gantry J-Arms can accommodate any RFID Antenna Assembly for modern Tolling and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Video Enforcement Systems

Supports hardware and cameras that provide high levels of accuracy in real-time identification of multiple vehicle parameters.

Traffic Management Solutions

Any context-aware solution that analyzes and predicts traffic patterns and improves the flow of vehicle traffic for improved safety can be adapted to Gantry J-Arms.


Nascent technologies, such as LiDAR-based classification and triggering systems, can be fitted to J-Arms and can identify vehicle types without the need for inductive loops.

*J-Arms have a maximum weight limit of 55lbs.

Supported Vehicle Classes

The following AASHTO classifications for this sector are based on turning radii and other geometric constraints.

Class P

Vehicle Length: 19 ft 5.8 m

Class SU-30

Vehicle Length: 30 ft 9.1 m

Class SU-40

Vehicle Length: 39.5 ft 12 m

Class BUS-40

Vehicle Length: 40.5 ft 12.1 m

Class WB-40

Vehicle Length: 45.5 ft 13.8 m

Class WB-62

Vehicle Length: 69 ft 21 m

Class WB-109D

Vehicle Length: 114 ft 34.7 m

Don’t See Your Vehicle Class?

Speak to a SunTrax representative if you have vehicle requirements that differ from the class listing above.

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